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A Quick Guide To Court Reporting And How It Works

You need to know that court reporting is not going to happen if you don't have the specific equipment it needs. You need to have a specific set of skills to be able to manipulate or use the equipment to transcribe the spoken word of a person into verbatim written record. A lot of people who have gotten the chance to see a steno machine have all reacted the same way; they were mystified with how this twenty-two buttoned machine worked. There are twenty-six letters in the alphabet so what is up with the steno machine? You should know that the steno machine is a pretty unusual machine to be used in court reporting. The fastest typist's ability to impress will fade once he or she is sitting next to a court reporter; the steno machine is just too hard to use without the skill which means if you see some typing fast on it, it means he or she is an expert. Did you know that the modern court reporting equipment allows real time transcriptions. You have to understand that court reporting has evolved and it will continue to change as the world goes round and round. See here more info about legal media.

Everything starts and ends with the steno machine. When you look at a court reporter type in those words and transcribe every word that is being said in court, you might see it as something easy but when you try it, you will notice that it is actually pretty difficult to do. The steno machine has very few buttons compared to the computer keyboard and it also lacks four more buttons to match the number of letters in the alphabet which makes it even weirder. Court reporting is not about typing in the number of words being spoken but the number of syllables which is even harder to imagine. The left side of the steno machine has keys representing the beginning sound of a syllable. Middle keys represents the middle sound of a syllable while the ending sound of a syllable is represented by the right keys in a steno machine. Visit court reporters in Charlotte NC for the best coverage.

The steno machine is very hard to use when you don't have the right amount of training; it is not your average keyboard because it requires training, skill and expertise before you can use to for court reporting.

You should know that the output that the steno machine provides is going to illegible to anyone who has not study the art of stenography. The output from the steno machine will have to be translated into text before a casual observer can understand it. If you want to know about the steno machine and how it actually works then digging deeper into stenography is going to be an important thing to do.

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